Turbomachinery CFD

Turbo machinery – Open FOAM® Based CFD Work Flow for Rotary Machinery

Turbomachinery CFD includes:

  • Workflow Methodology - full, independent, open-source, no licenses but GPL, highly customizable
  • Tutorials - real working examples, just modify and go
  • Detailed Manual - step-by-step description, from pre-processing to advanced postprocessing
  • Applications - improved & robust solvers and utilities
  • Libraries - special boundary conditions, function objects, flow models
  • Scripts - automation, preprocessing, postprocessing
  • Source Code - all the source code developed under GPL allowing further developing
  • Tailored Training - covering individual needs of the client
  • Turbo Blade Post - Postprocessing ParaView Plugins
  • TCFDSource GUI - ParaView Plugins for creating new projects
  • CFD Processor application for automated workflow

Technical Specifications & Software Features

Both Linux & Windows Version

  • Fully Parallel Computing
  • Compressible & Incompressible Fluid Flow
  • Turbulent Flow
  • Heat Transfer between Fluid and Solid Parts
  • Both Subsonic and Transonic
  • Fully Automated
  • Robust OpenFOAM® Solvers
  • Meshing using SnappyHexMesh
  • Advanced Postprocessing
  • Convergence Monitoring
  • Special Boundary Conditions & Function Objects

Turbo Blade Post – Post processing Para View Plug-in

Turbo Blade Post is designed for all kinds of rotating machinery. Both radial and axial machines:

  • Turbines (Kaplan, Francis, ...)
  • Pumps (Axial, Radial, ...)
  • Compressors, Gas Turbines, ...
  • Propellers, ...

Turbo Blade Post is not dependent on other software and goes very well together with OpenFOAM® based solutions. Turbo Blade Post is provided both for Linux and also for Microsoft Windows OS.

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